4x7 Burn Classes

A high intensity, full body workout of 4 minute circuits through 7 different stations!

Ready to boost your metabolism, decrease your body fat and lose weight?

4x7 Burn is a circuit training class with 4 minute circuits, through 7 different stations that change week to week. Stations typically consist of exercises involving TRX, FreeMotion cable machine, Bosu, Spinning Bike, Kettlebells, and more!

What are Tabatas?

Tabatas are a type of high intensity interval training in which you’re working for 20 seconds at or above 70% of your maximum oxygen uptake, followed by 10 second rests for 8 sets.

Tabatas get results! In a study conducted by Tabata et al., subjects undergoing this type of training 5 days a week for 6 weeks displayed a 14% increase in VO2 max and a 28% increase in anaerobic capacity. That means, it boosts your metabolism, which helps you to decrease body fat and lose weight!

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