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Vie Boutique: Sizzling Hot Style!

We are very excited about our newest line in our Boutique—Michi!  Worn by celebrities around the world, now available to you in Ann Arbor.

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Why Decluttering Your Entire Life Will Bring You Abundance

When I tell my clients that they need to declutter their homes and relationships to achieve the success they want in their businesses, I’m typically met with some skepticism. If you’ve never thought about it before, it can be confusing to think that the things we keep with us physically and mentally can have an impact on our business lives.

In truth, however, clutter in our physical environments and relationships energetically blocks the flow of abundance, getting in the way of the success we are reaching for.

But it makes sense, doesn’t it? When we have clutter and unwanted stuff in our lives, there isn’t space for the abundance we are seeking. We want more money, nicer clothes, more delicious food, yet all we have is lots of mediocre, old, unused crap taking up our precious space.

This applies to our mental and emotional environments as well. Often we hold onto resentment and deny forgiveness, then wonder why it’s so challenging to feel grateful and truly appreciate the things we have that matter.

If you’re serious about manifesting and welcoming abundance into your 2015, here are some ways you can physically and mentally declutter your life.


Declutter Your Physical Environment

This applies to the physical space you spend your time in on a day-to-day basis: your home, workspace and even your car. Aside from getting rid of the things you don’t use anymore, you should also eliminate the items that are not invited into the next phase of your life with you.


Picture the vision you hold for yourself — the abundance you want, the success you need to achieve, and the place you want to be by the end of 2015. Is that old stained T-shirt or towel with holes welcome in that picture?


Go through every room in the house, every drawer and cabinet. Evaluate if what you’re finding meets the high standard of the improved version of your life you’re working toward. How many spices in your cabinet have never been used? Are you ever going to find the lid for that Tupperware? How about socks without matches or clothes that don’t fit? They don’t belong here, I promise.


When you physically remove these things, you create space for new, improved items. Recently I spent a lot of time decluttering my bathroom of old makeup and half-used lotions or soaps, and the next day a gift from a friend showed up on my door step full of chemical-free, mostly organic self-care goodies. Clear that space so the abundance can come in.


Declutter Your Relationships

It might feel a little unnatural to talk about decluttering your relationships like you would do with your belongings, but similar rules apply. We’re all directly influenced by the people we choose to surround ourselves with; that’s something we learn at school and carry with us through the rest of our lives. To declutter your relationships, you need to be around people who love and support you. When you’re looking to attract abundance, surrounding yourself with others who are abundant is extremely important.


Declutter Your Emotional Baggage

Practice forgiveness — forgiving yourself and others.


Get rid of the fear that lives in your head. This fear will confuse you, keep you playing small, and get in the way of your success.


Stop procrastinating and prioritize. Delegate and eliminate all of it so you aren’t drowning in overwhelm.


Allow yourself to see past the things that have hurt or disappointed you and visualize them as steppingstones and lessons to be learned from.


Release your frustration. This is a must if you want live in the present and not the past.


Everyone has emotional clutter. It’s natural. The important thing is to recognize and declutter your emotional baggage so that it doesn’t prevent you from seeing and taking the opportunities that are right in front of us. When you can release the painful baggage you’ve been hanging onto, great transformation is possible.

Courtesy of Kathleen Ventura, www.mindbodygreen, Feb 10, 2015
Vie Fat loss Program

Fat Loss Program–Proven Results

Assisted CrunchJoin Vie’s 12 Week Weight Loss program – just in time for spring break! The program includes a team of trainers, a dietician, daily email check-ins, and unlimited spinning and studio classes through the entire 12 week program. Email or call 734-665-2156 to get started!

Announcing Tower HIIT Classes

Look for new Tower HIIT classes Downtown this month!  Classes of 4 participants at  $25-$35/class (same package as Tower Pilates).   This is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout with our new Freemotion cable machines and will work just about every muscle in your body.  This class is designed for ANY fitness level, as you can adjust the weight stacks yourself and start as low as you need, and build as high as you can.  Bring your water!  Be prepared to burn and sweat and feel that high when you finish drenched.  Please email Lauren if you would like to recieve a notification when classes begin–we anticipate start dates mid-March.

Class Updates and News

Check out the class schedule for some new classes at both Arbor Hills  and Downtown…

A few highlights:

Downtown — Wednesdays at 8:30 am Spinning with Ashley

Downtown — Thursdays at 3:30 pm Spinning with Ashley

Downtown — Saturdays at 11:30 am Spin and Sculpt with Emma

Arbor Hills — Wednesdays at 8:30 am ViPR Athletic with Molly

Our 70 Day Pilates Promise Program

pilates_sm4Let us help you change your body- whether it’s losing inches, strengthening your core, increasing flexibility, improving posture, or increasing your overall strength. Our Pilates Promise program can do all of this in 10 weeks.

Below is what you get in the 70 day challenge:

  • 30 private Pilates sessions (10 weeks)
  • unlimited classes (including tower, spinning, and studio classes)
  • before and after body composition (optional)
  • email coaching and accountability
  • cardio-based and Pilates homework assignments
  • before and after pictures in Pilates poses (optional)


Email to get started.

Message from Lauren

It’s your Pilates Promise girl back with my own testimonial on how things are going for me on the program.  I’ve been working with our talented instructors 3x/week and I’m reminded all over again why I love what Pilates does for the body and mind (and why I love our instructors:). We’ve been able to work with a current SI/pelvis issue I have going on and I leave the session feeling more aligned, lighter and with more awareness of my powerhouse than I had the 55 minutes before.  With the help of what we’ve named “the lauren pad”, we’ve made necessary adjustments to help me succeed. My body (its strengths and ailments) make more sense post Pilates.  In this busy world, Pilates helps me calm and breathe (and still burn!). The Reformer jump board gave me a more intense burn than my spinning ride!


Joseph Pilates was a genius of the body and mind.  He created a system of exercises to safely and effectively put your spine through flexion and extension.  Based on what a majority of us do during our day (sit, drive, travel, text, type, freeze! etc), Pilates can save your spine from the inevitable aches and pains that then proliferate throughout the body.  Add in the concentration and mental strength that comes from a Pilates workout and I promise you will learn more about yourself than you thought you could.


You know I’m a believer.  That I’m sure is obvious.  Do you know yet if you are?   If you are interested, give me a shout: