Personal training is the heart and soul of Vie. We believe that teaming up with a highly-qualified and passionate personal trainer is one of the best ways to actively engage a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Our philosophy is centered on functional training and incorporating balanced, healthy living into every day. If you stop by and visit us in downtown Ann Arbor, we think you’ll discover quickly that we love what we do!

At Vie, our trainers will help you tailor a fitness a personal training program to meet your goals, health profile, and lifestyle requirements. Initial consultations including a fitness assessment and six-week personal training recommendation is a great way to begin exploring Vie’s facilities and service.

All of Vie’s personal trainers are certified through the American Council on Exercise or another nationally recognized excercise authority and undergo additional training at Vie. Vie’s personal trainers also receive annual continuing education stipends to ensure that we all stay on top of the field. Vie’s staff train exclusively at Vie and are commited to Vie’s culture of five-star service and safety.