Authentic Pilates Classes in Ann Arbor to Improve Your Health & Fitness

Vie Fitness Studio & Spa offers authentic NY Pilates program at our Arbor Hills Shopping Plaza location. Our Ann Arbor Pilates program can definitely help you enjoy a healthier mind and body. Investing in a premium-quality Pilates training program will not only help you avoid health concerns like cardiac problems, weakened joints, poor body coordination and poor blood circulation, but also help you embrace new ways of getting fit.


Contrary to many that believe workouts need to be rigorous and high impact to achieve a target figure, there are alternative ways such as Pilates that can produce better and more long-lasting health benefits. Our very passionate team of mentors will be very happy to discuss with you the advantages of choosing this routine over the other exercise programs.


As a Vie client, you will also enjoy plenty of perks, like one-on-one sessions with our certified fitness trainers, private classes, training apprenticeships, unlimited studio classes, first-class equipment and clean facility. Let us help you reach your goal of achieving a better and leaner figure. Contact our studio today!

Why You Need to Begin a Pilates Exercise Routine

Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates

Pilates is among the most famous strength exercises that health enthusiasts all over the world use to improve their legs, arms, core and glut muscles. This routine involves the use of repetitive movements, slow breathing exercises, intense mind and body concentration and accurate positioning of your entire body.


It was first introduced by Joseph Hubertus Pilates, a German self-defense instructor. He created Pilates to balance the body, mind and spirit. After his death, his work was carried on by Rudolf von Laban who incorporated dance with that of the basic movements of the original routine. At Vie we practice what’s called Classical Pilates that holds true to the Pilates practices by Joseph Pilates with very little deviation.


Tighter Abs & Leaner More Flexible Muscles

Through this exercise routine, you can develop a well-toned abdomen and stronger back muscles. You can also benefit from developing longer, leaner and more flexible muscles which most traditional strength workouts fail to provide. Aside from the improved muscles and body strength, you can also lower your risks of getting physically injured.


In your Pilates program you will learn how move more smoothly and develop better posture. Compared to traditional workout routines, this is a low-impact exercise that works perfectly no matter how old or how young you are. Get fit today through our superb course of Pilates offerings that feature a holistic experience that will help you work out your entire body.


Most Complete Pilates Facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Pilates ClassHere at Vie Fitness Studio & Spa, we believe that it is far more enjoyable to exercise in a place that has a warm and happy vibe, so we try to provide a studio that offers everything you need and more. In our fully featured Arbor Hills Pilates studio, we are able to offer reformer, tower and mat Pilates exercises.


Aside from our modern exercise environment and classic set of Pilates equipment, we take pride in our growing group of clients who come from all over Ann Arbor and other neighboring cities to train with our staff.


We are a growing family of fitness enthusiasts and health conscious individuals. You will surely feel at home in our cozy studio. Enjoy working out with like-minded people who are highly motivated to attain their goals. You can choose to work with a group of people or schedule a private session with one of our instructors. Whichever type of arrangement works for you, our supportive family is here to guide you all the way.


Be Guided by Experienced and Classically Trained Instructors

Our Pilates instructors are fully trained to teach accurate body movements. We employ certified trainers who use classical teaching methods. Through our experts, you can learn various movements such as the Vie Roll up, which will help you improve your core, back and hamstring muscles. This movement is often compared to regular sit-ups because of their similar effects on the muscle.

However, unlike conventional sit-ups, this roll up movement produces better effects on the back, leg and core muscles as well as your spine. There are also several other exercises that our skilled staff can teach you. One is the Series of Five, which many refer to as the best routine to develop perfectly chiseled abs, and the Pilates Push Up, which is an advance movement that develops the power and agility of your muscles.


Excellent Pilates Training Program With Affordable Fees

Most people believe that a fitness program will cost them an arm and a leg. At Vie Fitness, we defy common health notions by offering affordable options for all the aspiring students out there. In addition to the one-on-one top Pilates Ann Arbor has to offer, our Private sessions ensure that you get a personalized routine in an affordable class setting. You can opt to pay per session or purchase our packages that come in 8, 16 and 24 sessions.


For individuals who prefer group exercises, we offer Tower Pilates, a 50-minute class that focuses on your abs, arms and legs. In this semi-private session, you will work out with five other fellow gym members. This option is a first-come first served basis, so you need to sign up early.


We also offer a 70 Day Pilates Promise Challenge package where you can get 10-weeks worth of private lessons and unlimited studio classes. We guarantee that you will feel the difference after attending ten sessions. The more time you spend in the course, the better and healthier you will feel.


Enroll in Ann Ann Arbor Pilates Class or Private Session at Vie Today

We are always working extremely hard to help as many students as we can use our Pilates packages to help achieve their goals. We strongly encourage you to try this unique and fantastic way of getting fit. It is a low-impact exercise which can be used by anyone.


Regardless of your age or current physical condition, you will surely find this routine as a great compliment to cardio classes and other conventional strength workouts.


Contact Vie Fitness Studio & Spa today and enjoy a superb new Pilates body.


Add some Pilates into your workout routine today and see how much your body can change over time through our private and small group classes. Our team of certified Classical Pilates trainers is always available to discuss the many benefits of our programs, so give us a call or reach out using our contact form.

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