4x7 Burn Classes

A high intensity, full body workout of 4 minute circuits through 7 different stations!

Ready to boost your metabolism, decrease your body fat and lose weight?

4x7 Burn is a circuit training class with 4 minute circuits, through 7 different stations that change week to week. Stations typically consist of exercises involving TRX, FreeMotion cable machine, Bosu, Spinning Bike, Kettlebells, and more!
4x7 Tabatas Spinning

What are Tabatas?

Tabatas are a type of high intensity interval training in which you’re working for 20 seconds at or above 70% of your maximum oxygen uptake, followed by 10 second rests for 8 sets.

Tabatas get results! In a study conducted by Tabata et al., subjects undergoing this type of training 5 days a week for 6 weeks displayed a 14% increase in VO2 max and a 28% increase in anaerobic capacity. That means, it boosts your metabolism, which helps you to decrease body fat and lose weight!