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Pilates is among the most famous strength exercise programs that health enthusiasts all over the world use to improve their legs, arms, core and glute muscles. This routine involves the use of repetitive movements, slow breathing exercises, intense mind and body concentration and accurate positioning of your entire body. Investing in a premium-quality Ann Arbor Pilates training program will not only help you avoid health concerns like cardiac problems, weakened joints, poor body coordination and poor blood circulation, but also help you embrace new ways of getting fit. While most people believe that a fitness program will cost them an arm and a leg, at Vie Fitness, we defy this notion by offering affordable options for all the aspiring students out there. No matter what your fitness level is, what your goals are, or whether you enjoy one-on-one or class settings, our program can help you enjoy a healthier mind and body.

We are always working extremely hard to help as many students as we can use our Pilates packages to help achieve their goals, so we offer a wide variety of options to fit our clients’ various needs and preferences. For those who enjoy individual training, we offer one-on-one sessions with our certified trainers. For a more personalized program experience in an affordable class setting, you can attend one of our private classes with a smaller group of participants. And for those who prefer the energy of a small group, we offer an unlimited access program for our small-group studio classes. We also offer a 70-day Pilates Promise Challenge package where you can get 10-weeks of private lessons and unlimited studio classes. We guarantee that you will feel the difference after attending ten sessions. The more time you spend in the course, the better and healthier you will feel.

Here at Vie Fitness & Spa, we believe that it is far more enjoyable to exercise in a place that has a warm and happy vibe, so we try to provide a studio that offers everything you need and more. In our fully featured Arbor Hills Pilates studio, we are able to offer various Pilates experiences, including mat, reformer, and tower Pilates exercises. Our mat Pilates classes are great for any amount of Pilates experience. Our classically trained Pilates instructors will take you through the system of exercises with a focus on the six Pilates principles: control, concentration, centering, precision, flow and breath. Whether it’s your first class or you’ve been practicing Pilates for years, our instructors will offer modifications throughout to help tailor the workout to each individual.

In addition to our mat classes, we also offer two types of Pilates apparatus classes: reformer and tower. Our Pilates Reformer classes have a small capacity (only 3 people maximum) which gives you a private training feeling and more one-on-one attention from your instructor. The reformer is a unique apparatus in which the carriage in which you lay on actually moves back and forth, making the exercises challenging and new. We require three private sessions before joining a class to ensure you are trained in using the apparatus safely. In our tower classes, you are equipped with your own tower during a 50-minute semi-private class (6 people maximum). This exercise works the abs, arms and legs, with the help of resistance springs and bars, challenging and facilitating the movement.
In any of our Pilates programs, you will learn how to move more smoothly and develop better posture. Compared to traditional workout routines, this is a low-impact exercise that works perfectly no matter how old or how young you are. Our passionate team of mentors will be very happy to discuss with you the advantages of choosing this routine over other exercise programs.

We are a growing family of fitness enthusiasts and health conscious individuals. You will surely feel at home in our cozy studio and enjoy working out with like-minded people who are highly motivated to attain their goals. Whether you choose to work with a group of people or to schedule a private session with one of our instructors, our supportive family is here to guide you all the way.


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