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Contrary to many that believe workouts need to be rigorous and high impact to achieve a target figure, there are alternative ways such as Pilates that can produce better and more long-lasting health benefits. A regular Ann Arbor Pilates exercise routine is a great way to meet your fitness goals while also creating overall better health. Pilates is among the most famous strength exercise programs that health enthusiasts all over the world use to improve their legs, arms, core and glute muscles. This routine involves the use of repetitive movements, slow breathing exercises, intense mind and body concentration and accurate positioning of your entire body.

At Vie, our Pilates instructors are fully trained to teach accurate body movements. We employ certified trainers who use classical teaching methods. Through our experts, you can learn various movements like the ones explained below. These classic Pilates exercises will help to tighten your core, improve your flexibility and enhance your overall physical strength.

Full Body Roll Up

The Full Body Roll Up strengthens your core, while also stretching your back, hip flexors and hamstrings. It is much more productive than crunches or sit-ups because its full range of motion works to engage more of your muscle fibers.

– Start by laying flat on your back and rolling into a C curve, then uncurling as you exhale back into the mat.
– Make sure to keep your feet on the ground. It is easiest to do this exercise when you can articulate your spine bone by bone without gaps.

Series of Five

The Pilates series of 5 is a group of classic Pilates mat moves focused on your core. Many say it’s the perfect ab exercise routine. It consists of 5-10 reps each of these five exercises:
– single leg stretch
– double leg stretch
– single straight leg stretch
– double straight leg stretch
– criss cross.

While performing these exercises, use your abdominal muscles to keep your upper body curled and to keep your pelvis stable. Don’t worry if the positions seem too challenging, there are modifications for beginners.

Pilates Push Ups

The Pilates push-up is an advanced move because it takes quite a bit of core strength, arm strength and stability to fully perform.

– Begin by standing with good Pilates posture and your arms straight up over your head.
– Next you pull your abs in, curve your spine down and begin to roll toward the mat.
– Walk out to a front support plank position.
– Hold plank position with straight arms and lower to the mat.
– Walk back, roll up to standing and inhale as you lift your arms.
Add some Pilates into your workout routine today and see how much your body can change over time through our private and small group classes. Our team of certified Classical Pilates trainers is always available to discuss the many benefits of our programs: please give us a call to ask question or schedule a visit.

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