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Retail Boutique

Vie Boutique: Sizzling Hot Style!

We are very excited about our newest line in our Boutique—Michi!  Worn by celebrities around the world, now available to you in Ann Arbor.


Why Decluttering Your Entire Life Will Bring You Abundance

When I tell my clients that they need to declutter their homes and relationships to achieve the success they want in their businesses, I’m typically met with some skepticism. If you’ve never thought about it before, it can be confusing to think that the things we keep with us physically and mentally can have an impact on our business lives.


Vie Fat loss Program

Fat Loss Program–Proven Results

Join Vie’s 12 Week Weight Loss program – just in time for spring break! The program includes a team of trainers, a dietitian, daily email check-ins, and unlimited spinning and studio classes through the entire 12 week program.READ MORE

Announcing Tower HIIT Classes

Look for new Tower HIIT classes Downtown this month!  Classes of 4 participants at  $25-$35/class (same package as Tower Pilates).   This is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout with our new Freemotion cable machines and will work just about every muscle in your body.


Class Updates and News

Check out the class schedule for some new classes at both Arbor Hills  and Downtown…READ MORE

Our 70 Day Pilates Promise Program

Let us help you change your body- whether it’s losing inches, strengthening your core, increasing flexibility, improving posture, or increasing your overall strength. Our Pilates Promise program can do all of this in 10 weeks.READ MORE

Message from Lauren

It’s your Pilates Promise girl back with my own testimonial on how things are going for me on the program. I’ve been working with our talented instructors 3x/week and I’m reminded all over again why I love what Pilates does for the body and mind (and why I love our instructors:).READ MORE