Experience Barre in Ann Arbor Through Vie Fitness & Spa

[toc wrapping=”right”] Vie lets you experience the best barre classes in Ann Arbor. This type of workout is among the most popular fitness programs today. It involves many ballet-inspired movements, as well as moves derived from yoga, and Pilates. Compared to other dance classes that use upbeat music like aerobics or Zumba, barre classes are only lightly choreographed. They are also fairly easier to get used to compared to other types of workout because they involve small and repetitive body movements.


The best part about our Barre workouts is that they can be performed by any person, no matter the age or physical condition. At our Downtown Ann Arbor studio, we supervise our members to ensure that they are doing the correct isometric poses and movements. Our instructors are fully trained to help you achieve a more fit, agile and flexible body. Get in touch with our team today and enroll in our awesome Barre classes!

We use Tried and Tested Techniques that Will Help You get Fit

Contrary to popular belief that you need to have a dance background or a nimble body to enroll in a barre class, you will only need your love for trying out new things and your determination towards achieving a healthier life. Our routine starts with some basic stretching to help your body get accustomed to the next few steps like the arm and lower body exercises.


Our trainers employ tried and tested methods to ensure your safe and healthy progress. As a member of our fitness club, you can also gain access to many perks such as a personal trainer, who will be there to assist you and provide suitable exercises that fit your body type and age. Our team is also there to assist you if you have any concerns regarding the Barre exercise routine, or other aspects of your whole body fitness including strength training, or nutrition.


Enjoy Barre Classes, Regardless of Your Age

The best part about this type of workout is that it can be done by anyone. In some cases, seniors are afraid to engage in exercises like weightlifting and circuit training because of the fear that their bodies are no longer agile to withstand the difficulty of such workouts.


We do recommend having a trainer if you’re unsure of what your body is capable of. However, Barre is a workout that is suitable for just about anyone.


Barre’s exercise movements were first introduced by Lotte Berk, a ballet dancer who thought of combining ballet movements and rehabilitation exercises to help manage her back injury. Because of their foundation in rehabilitation, our routines work well for clients of any age. Unlike other typical strength training techniques, Barre uses small and slowly increasing movements, which are referred to as isometric movements.


Sports science experts explain that unlike cardio exercises that rapidly burn calories, this slow and incremental routine will help you improve muscle flexibility and burn calories more efficiently. Since its creation, this workout discipline has gone through several series of development, until it became one of the most tested and developed routines today. Because of its simplicity and usefulness, many health enthusiasts have used Vie’s Ann Arbor Barre classes to get a slimmer and well-toned body.

Enjoy Classes in Our Fully Equipped Downtown Studio

Attending barre classes in Ann Arbor is much more efficient when you can do it in a place that is fully equipped with all of the aspects that serve your fitness under one roof. Our team here at Vie Fitness Studio & Spa always sees to it that our members enjoy a well-maintained workout environment. We conduct regular cleanup and equipment maintenance checks to ensure that the training paraphernalia provided in our studio are of high quality. In addition to fitness activities you can also visit our juice bar or get a massage or facial in our spa.


Build Community While You Learn the Basics

If you’re the type of person that feels it’s more enjoyable to be around other fitness enthusiasts while you exercise, our classes could be perfect for you. We take pride in our very lively and friendly clients who attend our workout classes. Our workout studio also has a very approachable staff and group of trainers who are more than willing to teach you how to enjoy and love barre in the best ways possible.


Try New and Exciting Ways to Get Fit in Our Studio

In addition to our Barre Intensity classes, there are plenty of ways for you to get a leaner and healthier body. Some prefer engaging in fast and rigorous workouts, while others prefer milder and gentler methods like yoga, Pilates and weightlifting. Vie Fitness Studio & Spa helps you make the most out of various forms of exercise. We are fully trained to conduct a wide range of training styles.


At our studio, we use different kinds of gentle movements such as the Pilates push up, roll-ups and core exercises. The slow movements may not seem like much, but they work well in flexing numerous muscles at the same time. Apart from getting leaner, you will also get to improve your mind and body connection. With a great upbeat music at the background, you will surely find it more fun to work on the given routine.

Work with Experienced and Passionate Barre Experts

Barre Ballet PoleIt is very important to get the right instructions in every type of training program. With a knowledgeable guru who can demonstrate the correct moves, nurture a stronger mindset and cultivate a strong self-discipline, coupled with your determination to achieve results, you can have the long and lean muscles that you have always been dreaming of. Our barre instructors are dedicated to bringing you the best results.


We have trained for many years in order to provide excellent and suitable programs to each of our clients. We are very knowledgeable in combining various health and fitness disciplines, so we can fully guide you towards your fitness goals. Our trainers at Vie Fitness Studio & Spa are more than willing to help you adjust to our program. We will work to keep you motivated until you reach your goals. We know how some clients tend to plateau over time, so we do everything we can to help out and keep them on track. For that reason we offer over 100 different fitness classes each week, so you’ll have access to all the variety you need.

Call our Team Today to Experience our Barre Intensity Workout

Try a whole new way of achieving the body that you want through Vie Fitness Studio & Spa. Our experienced barre gurus are dedicated to guide you as you learn to benefit from this exciting fitness workout and to keep you inspired and motivated to achieve more than you ever thought you could.


Call us today to find out more about our fun and unique barre classes held at our Downtown Ann Arbor location. We have flexible schedules to meet your needs. We’re happy to answer any questions that you have and to help you create the perfect schedule of barre fitness classes, or even a mixture of classes and private personal training or Pilates sessions to help you achieve your goals.