Barre Classes in Downtown Ann Arbor

In the Barre Intensity Workout you’ll experience postures from Pilates, dance and personal training that will improve your posture, create muscle definition and promote flexibility and weight loss.

Ready to get all of the pure essentials of a balanced exercise program packed into one exciting class?

What is Barre Intensity?

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Barre Classes Conveniently Located in Downtown Ann Arbor

We appreciate all of our clients that come from near and far to train with us. Whether you're in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Plymouth, Chelsea or Novi, we'd be delighted to show you why over 5300 clients have chosen to train with us here at Vie.

Our classes include upper body exercises like push-ups and free weight curls, as well as lower body strengthening moves using your own body weight and the ballet barre to create resistance. Through all of the exercises you’ll tone your arms and back, plus tighten your thighs and glutes.

The entire workout will focus on building your core strength, plus you’ll engage in targeted ab activities such as planks. Finally you’ll end with a series of stretches that will increase your flexibility and relax your muscles.


Why Choose Vie Barre Classes Over Other Options in Ann Arbor?

The main reason to choose barre classes is that you’ll be encouraged in a family like environment, and you get the benefit of not only cardio exercise but also strength training.

You’ll enjoy a great workout that burns fat and creates muscle. And because muscle tissue burns calories around the clock, you’ll reach your fitness goals in no time!

However, Vie is so much more than just barre classes. You'll have a whole range of different classes to choose from such as Tower Pilates, Spinning and Yoga to make sure you're always excited about the next workout.

We offer a holistic fitness experience. That’s why we’ve also incorporated a spa, juice bar and a retail store in addition to our certified personal fitness trainer led classes.