Kettlebell Spin Fusion

Inspired and formulated by the dynamic and passionate, Heather Dupuis, this class is energetic and incorporates movement training with Kettlebells. 


KBSF is a well-balanced workout (strength and cardio) and will challenge and change your body!

The class structure: half of the class will start on the bike for 20 minutes of cardio drills programmed to the Myzone colors (which corresponds to intensity level). Blue is warm up. Green continues through warm up and into your endurance zone. Yellow is your strength zone. And red is high intensity anaerobic zone.


The other half of the class will go to the back of the room for 20 minutes of Kettlebell strength circuits. Different days will focus on different muscles, however, always incorporating essential core exercises.


Set to upbeat, fun music, time flies in KBSF. Bring your Myzone belts and watch how many calories you burn!  And if you don’t have a belt, try it out with one of our demo belts and you can decide if you’d like to purchase.  Although the belt is recommended to maximize your experience, it’s not necessary.