Pilates Reformer

Pilates is the best way to improve your posture, core strength, balance and stability, coordination and control with your breath and body.


You will feel a difference sometimes even after one session. Everyone should do Pilates (and everyone can!)

Our Pilates Reformer classes have a small capacity (only 3 people maximum) which gives you a private training feeling and more one on one attention from your instructor.  Our Pilates instructors are classically trained through the USPA NY Authentic Pilates training program and are ready to make you sweat!  The reformer is a unique apparatus in which the carriage in which you lay on actually moves back and forth, making the exercises challenging and new (if you are used to the Tower apparatus).  We require 3 private Pilates sessions before attending Reformer classes so you are more familiar with apparatus, the exercises, where you should be working from and to keep you safe.


Please contact Heather@viefit.com if you’d like to get set up with your 3 private sessions or if you have any questions.