Classical Mat Pilates

Come and join us on the mat! You will leave a little more aware of your body, strengths and weaknesses and we hope, the feeling of Pilates in your body.


Join us on the mat - where the Pilates system of exercises originated!

Our classically trained Pilates instructors will take you through the system of exercises with a focus on the six Pilates principles: control, concentration, centering, precision, flow and breath. This class is great for any amount of Pilates experience. Whether it's your first class or you've been practicing Pilates for years, our instructors will offer modifications throughout to help tailor the workout to each individual. The Pilates system, as designed by Joseph Pilates, will help your body gain flexibility and strength simultaneously and is meant to be done every day. And if you have been taking mat classes for a while and would like to up your game on the mat, so to speak, we recommend our apparatus classes: Tower Pilates, Tower Spin Fusion and Reformer Classes (*note: for reformer classes we require at least 3 private sessions with a NY certified Pilates instructor first, to help you get the most out of the class, safely).

Our Pilates mat classes are held at our Arbor Hills location, an ideal space filled with natural light and a serene and clean feeling. We strongly believe design aesthetics, light and colors can help elevate and inspire your practice.