Classical Pilates in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Starting a regular Ann Arbor Pilates routine is a great way to meet your fitness goals, whether you’d like to increase flexibility and muscle tone, or lose weight and have overall better health. And there is an affordable option for classes and personal training right in Ann Arbor: Vie Fitness & Spa.

At Vie, we employ certified trainers who use classical teaching methods based directly on the work of Joseph Pilates, a German self-defense instructor who created Pilates almost 100 years ago. He created Pilates to balance the body, mind and spirit by using slow, controlled movements to tighten, tone and strengthen the body. As years have passed, some Pilates programs have changed to include additional elements such as dance, but at Vie, we practice what’s called Classical Pilates that holds true to the Pilates practices by Joseph Pilates with very little deviation. Our instructors are trained through the New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Certification Program, the first and oldest professional Pilates training program in the world with the highest standard of classical Pilates instruction in the industry. We are proud to be Ann Arbor’s exclusive New York Authentic Pilates studio.

As a Vie member, you reap the benefits of all this training from our dedicated instructors. Whether you choose to engage in one-on-one sessions with a certified fitness trainer, private classes, or studio classes, the classical Pilates method offered at Vie will help you on the path to enjoying a healthier mind and body.

Through our experts, you can learn various movements such as the Vie Roll up, which will help you improve your core, back and hamstring muscles. This movement is often compared to regular sit-ups because of their similar effects on the muscle. However, unlike conventional sit-ups, this roll up movement produces better effects on the back, leg and core muscles as well as your spine. There are also several other exercises that our skilled staff can teach you. One is the Series of Five, which many refer to as the best routine to develop perfectly chiseled abs. Another is the Pilates Push Up, which is an advanced movement that develops the power and agility of your muscles.
Through this exercise routine, you can develop a well-toned abdomen and stronger back muscles. You can also benefit from developing longer, leaner and more flexible muscles which most traditional strength workouts fail to provide. Aside from the improved muscles and body strength, you can also lower your risks of getting physically injured.

Pilates works for every body type and our instructors have the training to modify a course of exercise that will perfectly align with your fitness goals. Regardless of your age or current physical condition, you will surely find this routine as a great compliment to cardio classes and other conventional strength workouts.
We believe that our pure methods of teaching and classically trained instructors make Vie the Best Pilates studio in Michigan. Add some Pilates into your workout routine today and see how much your body can change over time through our private and small group classes. Our team of certified Classical Pilates trainers is always available to discuss the many benefits of our programs, so give us a call to ask questions.


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