CS 20/20 Classes

20 minutes of sustained aerobic work followed by 20 minutes of muscle toning.

Ready to burn, sweat and love every minute?

CS 20/20 Weight Training

What is CS 20/20?

CS 20/20 is our newest exciting studio class at Vie! It stands for Cardio Strength 20/20. In the first half of class, you will focus on CARDIO, functional strength and cardio core training (20 minutes of sustained aerobic work).

In the second half of class, you will focus on isolated STRENGTH training (20 minutes of isolated muscle toning and sculpting) combined with a 5 minute warm up and cool down to round out your 50 min workout.

Prepare to sweat and feel the burn! You will feel an improvement in your cardio fitness, strength, and muscle tone.

This class is high intensity, but can be modified to be lower intensity/impact.

There is a limit of 8 people per class, so register early to secure your spot!