Vie Fitness Studio & Spa, the Most Full Featured Fitness Center in Ann Arbor

[toc wrapping=”right”]Are you looking for the top fitness center in Ann Arbor? Vie is your all-around training partner who will be there to guide you along the way until you reach your fitness goals. Providing a dedicated environment for fitness classes, personal training and Pilates is what we do best.


Unlike many other fitness gyms we don’t offer memberships. We believe that if you enjoy the experience there’s no need to lock you into a full year as a member. Our clients come back because they love our fitness center, instead of paying for a full year in January that you lose interest in by March.

CS 20/20 Weight Training

Two Ann Arbor Locations For All Your Fitness Needs

Both of our Ann Arbor locations have state-of-the-art facilities that will help you reach your target body composition and weight loss goals. Our instructors are also well-trained to provide tried and tested exercise routines that can guarantee to provide results. We are very knowledgeable with the most effective diet and lifestyle changes to help you get fit.


We guarantee to work closely with you, so you can get a tailor-made training program that meets your needs, physical conditions and demands. As your qualified team of trainers, we don’t stop growing our knowledge about the body and health science. You are always assured to get the most out of our services any time. Call us today, and let’s create a fitness routine that will give you the happy, healthy life you deserve.

Reach Your Fitness Goals with Our Team at Vie Fitness Studio & Spa

Being a client of a local fitness center in Ann Arbor does not limit you to trimming off excess body fat or growing abs, biceps and triceps. It could also mean that you want to improve your posture and self-esteem, develop better heart and lung health, improve agility, increase your speed, boost your body’s flexibility and more. There are many benefits of engaging in a well-planned fitness program.


Whatever your goals are for your body, you can tell us all about them. We will help you choose from our wide selection of training offers. By carefully considering all the factors involved such as your age, current health condition, previous injuries, and fitness plans, we can recommend a workout that can accommodate all of your needs. You can hand select each class, and even add private personal training sessions to help remain healthy, or sculpt the figure of your dreams.


Work with a Professional Personal Training Instructor

When it comes to providing professional training advice, no other local health club can beat our team of trainers at Vie. We have years’ worth of background and knowledge in helping gym and fitness enthusiasts in the area to be in their best shape. Our fitness experts constantly learn new things like the latest fitness challenges and exercise routines to help cater to the demands of our growing clientele in the city.


When you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere with your routine, we will keep you motivated and driven so you can stay on track with your training program. As the most widely chosen private fitness center in Ann Arbor, we promise to help you get to meet your goals one step at a time.

Learn the Most Useful Health Disciplines from Our Dedicated Mentors

Getting physically fit is not just about attending regular gym sessions or fitness trainings. It also requires you to adjust a couple of things like your diet or your lifestyle and to develop better and healthier habits. You will need to be more self-disciplined so you can focus on your goals and achieve them in the best way possible. Getting fit does not happen overnight. It takes time to get the best results, and after you reach your personal goals, you will need to carry on with the same routine.


You will also need to commit to regular workout sessions and more health-conscious eating habits.


At our fitness center, we can provide you all the support you need before and even after you reach your objectives. While we provide effective training, we also offer excellent health and nutrition advice so you can make the most out of your fitness journey.

Choose a Completely Equipped Local Health Club

There are plenty of local workout gyms, but it’s better if you choose to train in a completely equipped studio. Our gym club offers plenty of equipment that can help you improve your cardiovascular health, get rid of any unwanted pounds, tighten your abs, develop your various muscle groups and even recover from previous injuries.

Choosing Vie over the other fitness centers in Ann Arbor means that you get to enjoy using modern gym and training equipment. We take pride in our well-kept facilities, and we strive hard to keep our club modern and well equipped. We make sure to check everything to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. Our team performs thorough maintenance of our equipment every week. We also double check if there are mats, ropes, balls and other training equipment that needs replacement. 


Safe, Secured and Fun Place for Your Regular Exercise Routine

Nothing beats training in a place where you can be yourself. Say goodbye to feeling awkward and welcome a happier and more motivated version of yourself through our lively workout studio. Apart from our world-class facilities and equipment, we are very proud of our growing family of inspired and positive members who are all gearing towards creating a healthier version of themselves.


Why Clients Love Our Ann Arbor Fitness Center

Some people think that Vie’s downtown Ann Arbor location will come with a pretentious atmosphere, but it always makes us smile when new clients come in and make remarks about how welcoming the environment is to everyone. Our clients come from various backgrounds and are made up of different age groups and people of many shapes and sizes. We’re all here encouraging each other to be the healthiest and happiest versions of ourselves.


Our team is more than willing to go the extra mile to help you live longer and prosperous years through our training programs and nutrition plans.


We prefer a change in lifestyle nutrition over rigid diet plans. Understanding how your body processes different foods makes it much easier to find wholesome food options anywhere than you can while counting meal points. Our specialists work hard to offer you a holistic experience when you work out at our studio.

Enjoy Premium Program Plans at Fair Rates

Vie Fitness Studio & Spa is serious in providing everything that you need. Apart from offering an amazing workout environment, our clients also get treated to exclusive deals like more personalized training, diet advice, solid support from our staff, access to premium workout equipment, and invitation to VIP gym events. Our excellent training programs are priced to allow flexibility for different budgets. Because we don’t offer memberships you can piece together the different option that fit both your goals and what you can afford. You won’t find anything else like it anywhere else in Ann Arbor.

Talk to Our Health and Training Experts Today!

Invest in your body and take advantage of each service offered at our Ann Arbor fitness center. Whether you’re looking to experience the natural high that comes from a great workout or you just want to change for the better, we offer just the right products and services that will fulfill your needs. We’ll help you get fit and reap the many health benefits along the way. Our team of health gurus in Ann Arbor is always available in case you want to start enrolling in our training or fitness class programs. Don’t waste any more time, get started today on becoming the version of yourself that you were meant to be!