Look Forward To Over 100 Weekly Fitness Classes in Ann Arbor

We believe Vie Fitness Studio & Spa offers the widest selection of fitness classes Ann Arbor has to offer. With over 100 classes weekly at our two locations you can be certain that there will always be plenty of variety to keep you excited about what to try next. Instead of the same fitness routine you can create a foundation that makes you feel comfortable while also knowing that when you’re ready there will be something new to look forward to.


Living up to our philosophy of encouraging a healthy lifestyle, we keep our workout routines varied, fun and exciting while maintaining a high level of professionalism throughout. We further guarantee to help provide each client with the necessary workout tools and equipment, so everyone gets on board from the first minute of the session down to the last. In addition to offering fitness classes, our Downtown Ann Arbor location also features a retail store where you’ll be able to purchase any personal items that aren’t provided by the class.


Ann Arbor Fitness Classes with Expert Instructors

[toc wrapping=”right”] We take pride in having a team of expert personal trainers who have earned the necessary certifications either through ACSM or another credible authority on health and exercise, and who continue to undergo essential in-house trainings, making them fully capable of offering the services you deserve.


We are one of the only studios that have trainers on staff instead of renting space to trainers and charging them a fee. This means that the trainers main goal is to make sure that you get the best possible service and experience, rather than being worried about packing in as many clients as possible to cover their costs.


Effective Sessions Begin and End with a Trusted Fitness Center in Ann Arbor

It is important to take fitness classes with a trusted and reliable center, like Vie Fitness Studio & Spa. Fully licensed and registered to operate a legal business in the city, we have invested so much in the skills enhancement of our powerhouse team, state-of-the-art facilities, and modern exercise gear and equipment.


We are definitely not your fly-by-night gym that will close down before you know it or run away with your money, along with your dreams, and your personal fitness goals. We are a licensed business that offers a range of personal training services, weight loss programs, exercises, and workout classes for everyone, plus a welcoming environment where you can feel comfortable and supported.


How Enrolling In Any of the Fitness Sessions Can Benefit You

You can choose from a variety of our sessions available to stay fit and healthy. Vie Fitness Studio & Spa offers spinning classes for cardio workouts done on stationary bikes, Barre Intensity classes that target the strengthening and toning of the upper body, and yoga classes for strength and flexibility. You can also enjoy our latest studio class, the CS 20/20, which focuses on cardio strength and core training.


If you are after a high intensity, full body workout, enrolling in the 4×7 burn training class will satisfy your needs. You may also want to check out our revolutionary Tower Spin Fusion class, which perfectly blends Pilates and spinning programs to provide an intensive cardio workout and resistance training. Slots are limited in certain classes so be sure to check the schedule and register early.


All Your Fitness Needs in Just One Click

We are not just your typical gym. Along with all the equipment needed in every class, Vie is also a one-stop shop for all your personal training needs. Accessories, water bottles, sports bras, tops, pants, jackets, and and other accessories can easily be purchased in just one click to our online store.


No need to shop anywhere else. Just visit our online boutique or our in store location, select what you need and wait for your shipment to be delivered right to your doorstep. No other fitness studio in Ann Arbor can boast of an online store that is as loaded with high quality products from well-known brands as ours.


Fitness Classes, Supervised Personal Training and More 

Having a personal trainer is necessary when you want professional assistance (as an individual or in groups) in your journey from start to finish. A personal trainer will provide you with supervised sessions to ensure that you are on the right track. It really makes a lot of difference when you have someone, an expert no less, behind your back to push you and encourage you to go on.


Vie Fitness Studio & Spa does a lot more than provide the required personal training services; we also offer many add-on services like consultation, nutrition tips, and assessments.


These services are a great compliment to our fitness classes and give the balance required for a full holistic body, mind and energy transformation.


What Makes Us the Preferred Center for Fitness Classes in Ann Arbor?

Vie is the choice of many in and around Ann Arbor. Thousands of Ann Arbor townies and University of Michigan faculty, staff and students have already benefited from our personal training and weight loss programs. We are more than a gym; we are more like a fitness family. Aside from fitness training, the gym also offers spa services—something that you do not normally find in other gyms or wellness centers in Ann Arbor.


Our classes are varied, interesting, and most of all safe, while still making sure training programs are customized to suit each client’s health profile. Vie is truly an amazing place to begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle. It is no wonder that we are the preferred center for fitness classes in our great city.


Beginner or Pro, We Have the Services for You

It does not matter if you are young or old, student or professor, looking to maintain a currently healthy lifestyle or looking to improve—there is bound to be a program that will suit you here at Vie.


You will benefit from working with our professional trainers and staff who can customize any existing program to accommodate your requirements. Personal training, weight loss programs, Pilates, yoga, spinning, cardio and strength sessions – name it, we have it. Enjoy your classes or workouts right in one of our spacious, well-ventilated and comfortable Ann Arbor studio locations.


Contact Us to Schedule Your First Class with us Today

We have over 100 fitness classes each week, but because we are very popular in the area, they fill in extremely fast. Visit our class booking page today to make sure you get a spot in the class of your choice. Check out the schedules available during your availability and book right away.


If 100 classes actually sounds overwhelming, and you’re not exactly sure where to start, that’s no problem! Call us or complete our contact form and we can schedule an initial consultation at a time that fits in your schedule. From there we can work together to put together a schedule of classes, or classes and training that will put you on the fast tracking to a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life!