NY Classical Pilates


Pilates at Vie Ann Arbor

Vie is the area's only new york pilates studio certified program

Vie develops instructors with the highest standard of classical Pilates instruction in the industry through the New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Certification Program, the first and oldest professional Pilates training program in the world.


All of our instructors have completed over 600 hours of rigorous training and certification and are among the most knowledgeable in the field. We believe that our trained instructors make Vie the best Pilates studio in Michigan.

Honoring the Tradition and Legacy of Joseph Pilates

At Vie we honor the legacy of Joseph Pilates (1880-1967), the creator of Pilates (fun fact: Pilates was originally called Contrology because of its incorporation of tightly controlled movements).


Pilates is an outstanding system for tightening, toning and strengthening the body. Starting a regular Pilates routine is an exceptionally effective way to meet your fitness goals, whether you’d like to increase flexibility and muscle tone, or lose weight and develop better overall health.


Vie is excited to be Ann Arbor’s exclusive New York Authentic Pilates studio. Vie’s instructors have all completed rigorous training and certification derived from the exclusive Joseph Pilates Archival Collection and Copyrighted Teacher Training Manual. All of our instructors are mentored and trained by second generation instructors directly linked to Joseph Pilates.

Pilates Training Options at Vie

Private Pilates Sessions

Personalized one-on-one sessions with our New York Pilates Studio® certified instructors

70-Day Pilates Challenge

30 private sessions, plus unlimited classes at either location with over 100 classes to choose from

Tower Pilates Classes

Semi-private Pilates classes (maximum of six people) using the tower apparatus

Pilates Reformer Classes

Small capacity classes (maximum three people) using the reformer apparatus

Classical Mat Pilates

Fifteen capacity class focusing on mat Pilates work.

Pilates Apprenticeships

Save up to 40% on United States Pilates Association Certified teacher training

Introductory Offers

Single Private Session: $35 ($85 Value)

Take advntage of our introductory offer for a single private session . Get focused attention from one of our exceptionally trained instructors, and gain familiarity with Pilates and the beautiful, well-equipped Vie Pilates studio.

Three-Pack Private Sessions: $145 ($255 value)

Extend your introductory offer with a three-pack of private sessions.. After three sessions with one of Vie's instructors, you'll begin to "connect" with muscles you didn't know where there. Begin to experience how impactful Pilates can be for toning your body and strengthening your core.