Personal Training in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Personal Training is the heart and soul of Vie. We believe that teaming up with a highly-qualified and passionate personal trainer is the safest and most effective way to achieve your fitness goals.

Ann Arbor Personal Training Services

Vie Fitness Personal Training Philosophy

Our philosophy is centered on functional training and incorporating healthy living into every day. Our trainers will help you tailor a fitness program to meet your goals, health profile, and lifestyle requirements.

All of Vie’s personal trainers are certified through the ACSM, or another nationally recognized exercise authority, and undergo additional training at Vie. Vie’s personal trainers also receive annual continuing education stipends to ensure that we all stay on top of the field. Vie’s staff train exclusively at Vie and are committed to Vie’s culture of five-star service and safety.

If you stop by and visit us in downtown Ann Arbor, or at our Arbor Hills location, we think you’ll discover quickly that we love what we do!

For clients new to personal training, we're offering a limited number of introductory training sessions for $35. Save $50 off the full price until we fill the allotted 50 slots.

Looking for "Top Personal Trainers Near Me"?

We appreciate all of our clients that come from near and far to train with us. Whether you're in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Plymouth, Chelsea or Novi, we'd be delighted to show you why over 5300 clients have chosen to train with us here at Vie.

Personal Training

Why Choose Vie Over Another Fitness Studio in Ann Arbor?

Our mission at Vie is to create a third place in your life where you can engage in healthy, balanced living and have help in finding that balance. You have your home, work (or how you spend your time away from the family/home) and you can have Vie! We strive to provide you with a professional yet personal space where we know you by name. We know about your family, your travels, your favorite smoothie and spa services, etc. This is why so many of our clients say that we’re their home away from home and they enjoy their time at Vie as a highlight of their week.

And since we believe in helping people find their own personal balance in life, we have all the necessary components to help you succeed:  private training sessions (stength/cardio or Pilates), a wide variety of fitness classes, our relaxing spa (facials, massage, waxings, etc), our smoothie bar (fuel to help your body energize and recover) and we have our friendly and professional front desk team that will take care of everything else.

We encourage you to stop in to say hi. Everyone is welcome! Just walk on in and we will be there to help 🙂

Duet Training Sessions

These personal training sessions consist of 2 clients with 1 personal trainer. Sign-up with your partner (or a friend) as a great way to be healthier, happier (because you're spending time with someone you care about), and get personal training for about half off!

Mini Resistance Band Stretches With Gavin

Personal Trainer Gavin Gardner demonstrates a few simple stretches using our Vie Mini Resistance Band. It helps you stretch areas that are otherwise difficult to do alone.

Who is a Vie Fitness Personal Trainer For?


Often people who are competitive fitness know the benefits of a personal trainer, just like star players have coaches. So, if you’re training for a sport or event, a personal trainer is an easy choice. However there are many other reasons that a personal trainer is a good fit for anyone looking to achieve an effective workout regimen to stay healthy and fit.

Benefits of Working with a Top Personal Trainer

Motivation & Accountability

One of the top reasons to look into personal training services is to have someone on your side who believes in you and what you are capable of. Our trainers will push you that little bit extra so that you are able to achieve the health, fitness and better living lifestyle that you’re after.

Personal Training Nutrition
You’re Not Seeing Results Now
Knowledge & Support
Recovering From an Injury

Our Personal Trainer Schedule Fills Fast!

Even with a staff of over 20 certified trainers, our sessions books quickly. Contact us today for access to the best times.

We Believe We Have The Best Trainers, But Don't Take Our Word For It...

Here are reviews that our satisfied clients have left for us on Facebook. We're currently rated 4.6 out of 5 stars with over 70 reviews and testimonials. (Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.)

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

What Type Of Personal Training Is Right For You?















Kenny Schlievert


Melissa Walcott


Elin Walters


Angie Zill




Maia Farrar




Here are just a few members of our amazing staff. Some clients call to ask for a male personal trainer, others are looking for a woman personal trainer. We have both, and are happy to sit down with you for a 30 minute consultation to discuss your goals and find a trainer who is the perfect fit for you to feel comfortable and motivated. Our trainers work exclusively with Vie at both of our convenient Ann Arbor, Michigan fitness studio locations.

Limited Time Offer: $35 Personal Training Session for new clients!
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