Vie Fitness & Spa Is More than Just Another Local Ann Arbor Gym

[toc wrapping=”right”]When you need personalized fitness training, head straight for Vie Fitness Studio & Spa. We’d like to think we’re the best gym Ann Arbor has to offer, but we’re so much more than that. We offer a complete range of services that suits every lifestyle and health profile. Boasting of modern facilities, expert instructors, certified trainers, friendly staff, and a personalized and professional approach, Vie takes exercising to a whole new level.


Indeed, the need to be fit and healthy must never be undermined, especially these days when modern living has people on their computer desks day in and day out, often relying on microwaved meals and fast foods for convenience. We believe that you can achieve good health without compromising your career or daily routine. Simply enrolling in a class or private training session at our Ann Arbor gym creates the balance you need to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The Advantages of Working Out at an Upscale Gym

There are certain advantages of working out at a full featured fitness gym like ours that you cannot enjoy anywhere else. First of all, the fact that all of our instructors are on staff and not renting space in our studio provides a guarantee that you will receive the services as promised and as mandated. Second, because we operate legally, we do not hesitate to invest in modern equipment and facilities to stay true to our commitment to provide the best services. Third, you get professional services. A reliable fitness center will employ only the best trainers who are duly certified through ACSM or through some other accredited exercise authority.


The Pros of Exercising at Vie Fitness Studio & Spa

When you work out with our top trainers, you can be assured of several things – motivation, expert advice on proper nutrition, speedy results, and essential support. Duly certified and licensed, our expert trainers can come out with an accurate assessment of your situation and customize a training program that aligns with your goals or your health concerns. They will guide you and give you the necessary push to continue on with the program, especially when you feel like giving up. Achieving your desired body shape and weight thus becomes easier and faster when you know someone is out there looking after you and monitoring your progress. Our staff nutritionist is also capable of providing you with nutrition tips to support your body goals.


Vie Fitness & Spa Helps You Achieve Your Goals Faster

Among the things that will be asked of you when you enroll in classes or training at any gym are your goals. These are necessary because they serve as reference points for the kind of training program that will be the best fit for you. Your goals are in themselves motivation to keep you focused, but sometimes staying motivated until you accomplish them can be difficult especially without anybody pushing you. Eventually you will find it boring to go through the same routine over and over. In times like these, our staff can assist you in achieving your goals throughout a variety workout programs, from Pilates to cardio exercises, all guaranteed to be fun, exciting, and most of all, safe.

Take Advantage of Personal Training Services in Ann Arbor

Personal training services in Ann Arbor will greatly benefit a number of people who have no idea how to get started with gym training in the first place, those who find it difficult to stay motivated enough to complete a workout program, as well as those recuperating from medical conditions.


Many gyms offer membership programs and lots of locations, but with Vie our only goal is serving the local community in and around Ann Arbor Michigan.


We have two easily accessible locations and have chosen to go with a membership free approach. We believe that all individuals including families, kids and seniors deserve a warm and welcoming environment that will help them live a happier and healthier life.


Reach out today to schedule a free comprehensive assessment, and fitness consultation. You can also enroll on a per session basis, which will give you the flexibility that you need to keep your workout varied, while still having you under the guidance and supervision of a professional trainer.


In addition to personal training, our gym also offers private Pilates classes that will help you lengthen strengthen and tone your body, while the meditative aspects of Pilates help to release stress and refresh your mind.



Why We are the Best Gym in Ann Arbor

Even with all the exercise gadgets which advertising gurus claim will eliminate the need to go to the gym month after month, nothing beats fitness training at Vie Fitness Studio & Spa. Driven by our philosophy on incorporating a healthy lifestyle, we continue to innovate and improve our services and programs and provide in-house training of our personal trainers.


Our gym is fully air-conditioned and comes equipped with the latest and most modern exercise apparatuses.


For many Vie clients, working out here is totally gratifying and motivating to say the least. Though we’re not the cheapest gym that you’ll find, we offer different options for various price points while still offering the same state-of-the-art equipment, central Ann Arbor locations, and visually pleasing architecture to all.


Fitness Services You Can Take Advantage Of

A highly regarded gym, Vie Fitness Studio & Spa offers a comprehensive range of personalized training and fat loss programs. Enjoy Pilates workouts, yoga sessions, and even spa services. With us, you get the total package with friendly staff to assist you every step of the way. With our many years in the business and duly certified and licensed trainers, coaches, and nutritional consultants running the show, getting fit and staying healthy are dreams that can easily come true for you. Losing weight or making lifestyle changes may be a big leap, but it is a leap worth taking with a team of trained personnel behind you.

No other Ann Arbor gym offers a wide range of fitness classes, personal training, private Pilates sessions and has a fitness boutique, juice bar and spa. If you’ve tried the other options and have never been able to stick with them, it’s probably because your body and mind were telling you that you should have more variety. With over 100 fitness classes offered each week and over 20 trainers on staff, you can rest assured that Vie is ready and willing to help you personalize your fitness routine. We’ll work with you to achieve your fitness goals and become, or maintain being the best version of you.


Contact Us and Begin Your Journey to a Fitter and Healthier You

When you’re looking for the best local gym Ann Arbor has to offer, visit the experts at Vie Fitness Studio & Spa. Conveniently located near you, we are excited and ready to become a part of your life and fitness journey. Book your first session now and find out more about our fitness services.


Fill in our contact form or give us a call. Either way, a representative will respond to your message quickly with the information you need. Welcome to beginning your journey to a fitter and healthier you!