Increased Health with Massage in Ann Arbor at Vie Fitness & Spa

[toc wrapping=”right”]With the ever increasing amounts of stress at home and in the workplace, more and more of us are finding ways to relieve tensions and ease our minds. People are aware that if their pent-up stress is not addressed immediately, all kinds of disorders and illnesses may occur. Cancers, stomach ulcers and skin diseases are just some of the results of mismanaged stress and tensions.


In addition to the daily stress of life, you may be recovering from an injury and massage and regular stretching helps to increase the blood flow and maximize your full range of motion during physical therapy.

Our massage therapy here at Vie Fitness Studio & Spa covers a wide range of benefits that can cover health concerns due to excessive tension and stress. All the aches and pains you may be suffering from can be alleviated by the trained hands of a massage therapist here at Vie. Many of our regular clients find it easier to relax, fall asleep and enjoy a full satisfying night of sleep, thanks to our Ann Arbor massage therapy. We can help guide you in a fulfilling the journey to an elevated sense of personal well-being and fluid comfortable life.

Who Can Enjoy Massage Therapy at Vie Spa?

Everyone who is conscious of their personal health despite the often toxic environment can enjoy and benefit from a regularly scheduled massage at Vie. With your busy schedule, you may not have the time to rest your body. Prolonged stress can lead to symptoms of underlying ailments and diseases. You will be glad to know that Vie offers a flexible therapy schedule so you can fit a relaxing massage in weekly.

Three Types of Indulgent Message

With the various personal health concerns of our clients, we have prepared three distinct types of Ann Arbor massage to suit you. We offer Relaxation, Deep Tissue and Ashiatsu therapy, and each session can be completed in 30, 60 or 90 minutes depending on your schedule or preference.


Relaxation Massage

If you want to ease your weary mind and body after a long week of heavy work, a relaxation massage in Ann Arbor at our Downtown location is best for you. You can modify your session’s duration so that it always fits your schedule. Upon request we can provide soothing music to play in the background during your indulging session.


To improve the relaxation experience, scented candles for aromatherapy are lighted while tired tissues and muscles are stroked by your professional therapist. Our professional masseuse will apply soothing fragrance oils on your skin while they continue massaging your body. The perfect environment of relaxing music and aromas accompany you in this wonderful experience.


With this type of therapy, your body is stroked and rubbed gently and soothingly to release tension and stress from your body.


Your therapist will pay attention to areas that are prone to strains and stress like your neck, backs, arms, and legs. These areas are subjected to majority of the work loads of a busy work week.


If your body is prone to knots and tension, it’s likely that you’ve used several types of battery operated massagers, but there’s nothing like a trained and certified masseuse that knows how to work out the kinks and tension, leaving you refreshed and renewed.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massages are aimed at releasing the stress and tension from deep within the inner layers of your muscles and interconnecting tissues. This type of therapy is best for people suffering from chronic body pains and stiffness in their movements.

Major areas targeted in this session are the lower back, neck, and shoulders. The strokes and movement in this type of therapy is the same as that of the traditional methods. However, deep tissue therapy is characterized by slower but stronger pressure strokes on stiff and pained muscles. This type of massage helps alleviate the chronic pain that arises from prolonged tension in the muscles.


This kind of therapy aims to release the restraints on tight muscles and tissues on your body.


When these restraints are removed, tension on the muscles is released and healing can take place in the damaged parts of the body. When deep strained tissues are neglected, they can block the passages of blood and cause inflammation and pain.


Our therapists here at Vie Fitness Studio & Spa will carefully knead on the deep tissues so that they are eased and relaxed. Normal physical movement can be done smoothly and painlessly after regular sessions with us.


Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu Massage is a form of Thai technique that involves the application of pressure with the use of the foot. It is also known in other techniques as gravity assisted massage in Ann Arbor. This is a rather popular service because it has a different approach on the traditional massaging procedures. The procedure is traditionally performed on a comfortable mat on the floor, or a sturdy table that can hold the weight of two persons.


You will lie down on the table with your face on a comfortable rest while the practitioner will use his or her feet to apply pressure using strategic strokes in specific areas of your body. To maintain balance on your back, the therapist holds on an overhead bar. This has been considered as an art form because of the skill the practitioner needs to achieve in order to properly perform the procedure.

Call Us Now to Discover Which Ann Arbor Therapy Is Best for You

A regular session with our expert therapists and practitioners will definitely bring back the vigor and the energy you need in order to do more of the things you love. Sitting down and leaning over your work desk all the time can lead to a dull and sickly life ahead.


Visit our spa located in Downtown Ann Arbor to discover how a regular massage can help you can embark on a fulfilling journey to a healthy life. Plus, the price of each session is affordable enough to make it a regular part of your fitness and personal health routine. The cost of a massage treatment is negligible, compared to the medical bills that you’ll incur if you let stress and tension build in your body, or overwork other tired muscles that are compensating for those that are knotted and tense.


Comfortable Spa Treatments

In addition to getting plenty of rest, having de-stressing activities like massage and spa treatments will help you become more agile and comfortable in everyday life. Our front desk consultants here at Vie Fitness Studio & Spa will be happy to assist you in booking a therapy session that you will love and enjoy doing regularly. Give us a call or complete our contact form to get started on the journey to a healthier, happier and more balanced life.