Message from Lauren

It’s your Pilates Promise girl back with my own testimonial on how things are going for me on the program. I’ve been working with our talented instructors 3x/week and I’m reminded all over again why I love what Pilates does for the body and mind (and why I love our instructors:).

We’ve been able to work with a current SI/pelvis issue I have going on and I leave the session feeling more aligned, lighter and with more awareness of my powerhouse than I had the 55 minutes before.  With the help of what we’ve named “the lauren pad”, we’ve made necessary adjustments to help me succeed. My body (its strengths and ailments) make more sense post Pilates.  In this busy world, Pilates helps me calm and breathe (and still burn!). The Reformer jump board gave me a more intense burn than my spinning ride!


Joseph Pilates was a genius of the body and mind.  He created a system of exercises to safely and effectively put your spine through flexion and extension.  Based on what a majority of us do during our day (sit, drive, travel, text, type, freeze! etc), Pilates can save your spine from the inevitable aches and pains that then proliferate throughout the body.  Add in the concentration and mental strength that comes from a Pilates workout and I promise you will learn more about yourself than you thought you could.


You know I’m a believer.  That I’m sure is obvious.  Do you know yet if you are?   If you are interested, give me a shout:



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