We are excited to announce that we have invested in top of the line Blade ION Bikes for you, our top of the line clients. The Blades are still a chain-driven, fixed flywheel bike that you know and love, but now you will be able to see the RPMs, distance and power generated during your ride.

Power is the most direct reflection of calories burned for those interested in getting an exact reading, and the Blade ION power meter uses the gold standard in power meter technology to provide riders with an immediate measurement of their honest effort offering accountability for the work they perform. The Blades also have more options for adjusting the bike to your body, which will help you find a more tailored fit. Also, the Blades display for RPMs, distance, power, etc is powered by you!  There are no batteries or extra energy required.

With the new Blade ION bikes riders will be able to download ride data to log training history and track performance changes, as well as incorporate their data with the Spinning App. Each 45 or 55-minute class flies by as the instructor motivates you through a series of endurance, power, and speed intervals in both seated and standing positions. A class that grows with you as you get stronger and more fit, it will keep you coming back for more.

To celebrate the new Blade ION bikes and the holiday season, please enjoy 8 FREE classes to gift to a friend when you purchase a package of 24!

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