Personal message from Vie co-owner Heather Dupuis

You may or may not know this, but my business partner (and co-owner of Vie), Lauren Casanova Morris recently got married and ventured off to California.


I’ve been left to reflect on how this change effects Vie and what I need to do to preserve what Vie is and was always intended to be-- something that was set in motion well before we opened our doors in 2004.


Over the last 10 days, I’ve sat down with some amazing people at Vie that were all ready to do one thing.... create change in their lives.


(Keep reading until the end. There's something special for you...)


Meeting with so many of our clients individually has me thinking about you and wondering if you’re achieving the fitness goals you set for yourself at the top of the year?


Could it be you fell off the workout wagon 3 months, 6 months, or a year ago?


Possibly you've never hit the gym regularly but know it's time?


Maybe you got injured and are now afraid to be active?


Are you crushing workouts 6 days a week, but your diet is sabotaging you?


Perhaps you had a baby and you don't know where to start?


Maybe you've plateaued or have outgrown your trainer and it's time to match you up with one that’s new and fresh?


Sometimes it's important to take a moment to reassess, re-center, and restart.


I’ve been doing that at Vie.


Vie is a third place (other than work or home) where Ann Arborites can pursue healthy balanced lives guided by smart trainers, all with Zingerman's style service (aka anything you want, we have it or we’ll get it).


Equally as important, we are a socially connected community of clients and staff. Our goal is that everyone (including the owner) knows you by name.


Lauren leaving caused me to reassess things and I believe some of our initial goals have gotten away from us over the years.


To get back on track, one of the biggest shifts I'm making in this new phase of Vie is in redirecting my energy from one-to-one training to connecting with more of our clients personally.


Instead of training one person in an hour, I now visit classes and the training floor to connect with 15 or more clients.


I'm also now available to all of you (both new and existing clients) who are interested in setting up a complimentary wellness consultation to determine what road map makes the most sense for you.


Regardless of what you’ve tried in the past and whether it worked or didn’t, it’s my mission to personally help you get real results.


We’ll establish a plan using SMART goals that will get you the change you’re looking for in the least amount of time.


Result driven


Your body, schedule and lifestyle are unique. That’s why trying what everybody else is doing won’t always work for you. Your consultation will be based on your goals, time, budget, and interests.


Honestly, I want to set up a quarterly session with you to check in on how you're doing. Goals change. Lives change. Motivation changes. I’m here to help.


Your wellness consultation can be as simple as assessing your current workouts, comparing them to your goals and giving you a few simple suggestions.


It could also be a full assessment with measurements (body fat %, girth, and scale) and a detailed plan for moving forward.


If it’s time to reassess, re-center and restart your fitness journey, I’m excited to help you get back on track. I have room for 8 more wellness consultations over the next week.


Send me an email and we’ll set a time where I can advise you on the best steps for you-- what your body needs right now and the course of action that will get you the results you deserve.


Click Here For Your Complimentary Wellness Consult!


Cheers to happy, healthy, balanced, living!


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