Let a Certified Ann Arbor Personal Trainer Guide You to Perfect Health

Our professional staff of more than 20 personal trainers here at Vie Fitness Studio & Spa will be your ultimate guide in your journey to the health you want to achieve and enjoy. When you first start to embark on the road to perfect health, you may only rely on the basic notions of a proper routine or a healthy diet. You may not have the right resources for you to formulate a working fitness regimen that is right for your body’s needs.


A personal trainer at our Downtown Ann Arbor location can help you set and achieve your specific goals. You may have tried various workouts in the past and not had success. Without having a target goal to achieve, you may wander aimlessly and spend hours on various machines without showing any results you can be proud of. Regardless of the effectiveness of the equipment you use or the supplements you take, if you do not know the right way to do it, you are likely to have minimal results.


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How Can a Trainer Help You?

A true professional personal training can work with you to bring out the best version of yourself when it comes to fitness. With proper guidance, you are sure to hit the goals you have set for yourself in the time frame you want. A good trainer will hold you accountable for the actions you take concerning your health.


An exercise partner

When you begin your private fitness development here at Vie, you’ll be assigned a personal trainer that will fit with your desired exercise schedule so that you can show up at the gym exactly when you need to be there. Your trainer is there to serve only you during your time slot so you can be assured that you’ll get personal attention and encouragement exactly when and where you need it.


If you’ve ever had trouble motivating yourself to get up and go to the gym a personal trainer may be the answer. Most people are uncomfortable skipping an exercise session knowing that there is an eager personal partner waiting for them to show up at the gym.

Motivational support & accountability

Our trainers here at Vie Fitness Studio & Spa will regularly modify your fitness training regimen so that you will not be bored by repetitive workouts for prolonged periods. We understand the fact that repeating the same thing over and over again, even if it is good for you, can spoil the enthusiasm and excitement.


Your trainer will come up with a workout program specifically designed for you, so that you can achieve the results you want without making the enthusiasm fade away. We know that when people see the fruits of their labor, they push further and are more likely to finish the training program and see it through to the end goal.

Trust A Vie Fitness Personal Trainer for the Perfect Ann Arbor Workout

Each of our personal trainers have completed all the necessary courses and training to become professionally certified. We make sure that all of our personnel have received their respective trainings and acquired the mandatory licenses and certificates in the industry. Each fit trainer is well-informed on the latest techniques and procedures so that you can do your workouts properly and safely.


Having the needed knowledge in subjects such as physical education, exercise physiology, sports medicine, or health and wellness will ensure that all of their recommendations are made in a sound and informed manner. Before we let our personnel work directly with clients, we see to it that they are equipped with the right technical knowledge and experience to be able to give the best service. This enables us to provide the best quality service to clients who are intent in improving their physical health and overall well-being.


In addition to the required certification training, our trainers often conduct continuing education in the area of their specialty. We have personal trainers that specialize in working with different age ranges, in rehabilitation of certain injuries, working with nutrition and also other disciplines like Pilates.


What Makes a Vie Personal Trainer a Cut Above the Rest?

Your chosen trainer will be attentive to your needs before, during, and after your workout session. They will observe the way you prepare for the workout and suggest a proper routine so that stress and sprains on your body will be avoided. They will correct you and guide you to achieve the best results.


Safety is of the Utmost Importance

Your trainer will monitor your dehydration and your capacity to take on the regimen. Depending on your performance, he or she will adjust the difficulty of your program to suit your capabilities. Our trainers understand the extreme importance of safety when it comes to personal training. It’s one of the main reasons why people often come to Vie after being injured in other more freeform, or unsupervised exercise routines.


A certified trainer will notice the signs of stress and strain on your muscles and advise you to do a modified version that will still give you growth but without unnecessarily costing you your long term health.


Individual or Group Sessions With Your Trainer

Each of our instructors is trained to handle an individual or group of clients. Often our clients choose to have a session with 2 or 3 close friends or family members who are working to achieve their health goals together.

Please freely communicate your thoughts and feelings about about the training regimen or the specific session. It’s important for you to completely understand your workout routine so we want to make sure you have the details necessary for you to perform it properly and effectively.


Over time your trainer will update you on your progress in terms of the goals you have set to achieve and how you’re doing in reaching them. Depending on the rate of progress, we will suggest adjustments while making sure that you have the final call in the matter. Whatever physical or psychological details you disclose with us will be kept confidential.


Our Trainers Will Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Whenever you are feeling that you’re having a hard time pushing forward during the workout exercises, your trainer will gently remind you on why you have set such goals in the first place. Instead of building a relationship with a room full of equipment, you’ll have a person who cares about you and your health there to cheer you on and share in the joy of your growth. Having a dedicated personal trainer in Ann Arbor will help you pull through that final rep or lap and finish what you have started.


What ultimately makes our approach effective is that we can help maintain the enthusiasm and motivate you to continue until you have reached your goals. We will make sure that you gain results. Our trainers are hired staff and not space renters. That means they are being paid to make sure you have an amazing experience, instead of being worried about how many clients they have scheduled to cover their bills.


Call Us Now for Your Own Dedicated Personal Trainer in Ann Arbor

There are many benefits you can enjoy when you choose to work with a great and dedicated training partner in Ann Arbor at Vie Fitness & Spa. With proper guidance, and a well-constructed training regimen your personal fitness goals will no longer be a dream. With our expertise, you will get the results you desire safely and effectively without breaking the budget. Let us be your partner on the journey to a fit and healthier you. Call us today or complete our contact form to get started.