Get Professional Personal Training in Ann Arbor at Vie Fitness & Spa

Vie Fitness & Spa is the leading provider of personal training in Ann Arbor. We have been providing our members with excellent personal fitness training to match their needs and physical capacity. We have spent years perfecting our training systems to help our members become leaner, healthier and stronger. Our studio is fully furnished. It has everything you need from mats to gym equipment. We also make sure that our facilities are clean and tidy.


We know every client has many considerations to make before enrolling in a program. This is why we offer very flexible options that can cater to your schedule and budget. Whatever fitness goals you have in mind, we can surely help you figure out an arrangement that will work for you. We guarantee that if you start regularly attending trainings that are optimized for you and focusing on your nutrition and health goals, you can become a better version of yourself in a matter of months.

Why Our Personal Training Program is a Good Investment for Your Health

[toc wrapping=”right”]Investing in your health is a must because it saves you from facing debilitating illnesses as well as stressful issues such as paying expensive hospital bills. Our team of fitness trainers at Vie Fitness Studio & Spa believes that by investing on your body early, you get to enjoy a happier life especially during your senior years.


It pays to know the best ways to take care of your body such as eating the right foods, knowing what not to eat, and keeping a regular exercise regimen that includes both strength training and cardio. We are students of getting fit, and we are more than willing to share our knowledge with you.


We have been helping many members of our Ann Arbor community take care of themselves through our complete and well-planned training sessions for many years, and we want you to benefit from our offers as well. Availing of our holistic personal training in Ann Arbor will let you enjoy a number of benefits such as increased body and mind coordination, improved flexibility, toned muscles, healthy weight loss, improved blood circulation, stronger bones, and better cardiovascular health.


Trained Staff Ready to Teach You the Right Way to Get Fit

Providing premium fitness training programs has been our specialty for many years. With our training, background and experience, we can readily assist you with all your needs. Our staff has all the certifications from the ACSM as well as other duly recognized fitness authorities.


We are trained to handle any kind of situation, so you can feel more confident and assured of your safety while you work out at our studio. As part of our commitment to provide more helpful training programs each of our trainers undergo continued education allowing them to stay on top of the latest industry knowledge and developments.


Uniquely Dedicated to Serving Your Training Needs

Our staff is determined to provide you with the best personal training experience that money can buy.  Our mission at Vie is to wow you from the very moment you enter our doors. In addition to offering a custom training experience we also have a knack for helping our members stay on their game by constantly providing tips, advice and solid support. Both instructors and training mentors will be here to help you from the very beginning until the moment you experience plateaus, and finally up until you achieve your objectives.


We promise to stand by you throughout your fitness journey.


Feel free to talk to our team if you have reservations about your course of training because of your age, physical condition or budget. Our staff will personally assist you in all your fitness-related concerns. We are here to serve you and make sure that you have the most enjoyable and fulfilling experience possible.


World Class Fitness Equipment, Flexible Choices, and Clean and Enjoyable Facilities

We know how nice it feels to work out in a place that is brightly lit, clean and well ventilated, so we do our best to offer just that in two easy to find Ann Arbor locations. Vie is a place where you can feel inspired, motivated, supported and challenged.


Vie Fitness Studio & Spa takes pride in our modern exercise equipment and our well-maintained studio. We regularly check our equipment to ensure our members’ safety. Apart from our first-class facilities, we are very proud of our very active groups of health club clients.


When you choose one of our training fitness courses or private training sessions, you do not only get the best experience in getting physically fit, but also the chance to mingle with other health and fitness enthusiasts. Choosing Vie lets you grow and develop a stronger body within a family that truly cares for your well-being.

Enjoy a Tailor-Made Training Program That Works

As much as we all want to achieve a fit body on our own, it is still highly recommendable to listen to experts who have already tried every possible approach. Hiring a personal trainer to help you with your objectives is far better than figuring things out on your own. It can be painstakingly hard to come up with your own personal fitness plan, as you would need to conduct your own research and try different things until you find something that works.


It is also equally hard to stay focused, especially when you get to a point where you feel like giving up. Because we are the top personal fitness experts in Ann Arbor, we promise to handle all the research work and planning for you. As we have been in this industry for quite some time now, we know which methods work best for different people. We carefully study your body type, health condition, age, and goals so we can come up with a tailor-made course of training.

Call Our Team for Your Personal Training Ann Arbor

Getting your training personalized will always be easy at our downtown health club. With our state of the art facilities, complete gym equipment, warm and friendly staff, motivated and highly trained instructors, and well-defined training programs, it will be far easier for you to reach your target body fitness level and weight.


Vie is the perfect place if you’re looking for personal training, but we’re also readily available for other parts of your fitness journey. That’s why we offer over 100 fitness and cardio classes each week, as well as a spa where you can schedule a relaxing massage or a facial and body waxing.


Not Just Personal Training – We’re a Spa, Boutique & More!

Finish off your visit with a smoothie from our juice bar, or a visit to our fitness clothing and accessory boutique. No other facility in Ann Arbor can offer you the quality and variety that Vie can.


To find out more about how our personal training in Ann Arbor works or to know more about what we can offer, dial our phone number, and talk to one of our representatives or fill out our the contact form.