Our philosophy at Vie is to help people live a healthy balanced life. This is what we do best and why we want to help. We understand this is often not easy and sometimes may not even seem attainable. We can help you find your balance amidst the chaos of life: family, kids, pets, work, play, friends, travel.


Let us help guide you to a better balance and our hope, is that you are able to enjoy life more and stress less. Our SBR Plan is a monthly recurring plan that gives you access to three major services we specialize in:  private training (one on ones), fitness classes, and nutrition counseling and support. With a team of Vie professionals coaching you, you WILL find success. If you are curious to learn more, please either email to set up a complimentary in-person or phone chat or feel free to call 734-665-2156 to inquire further.